Whether you are remodeling your entire bathroom or simply part of it, Home Base Home Improvement & Construction can provide the right craftsman and products to add class and elegance to your home. With years of experience, our experts will work with you to find all the right modifications to give you the perfect bathroom.

With experience as Detroit and Tri-County area bathroom contractors, our workers are suited to cater to all of your bathroom remodel desires. With us, your lavatory vision is not out of reach. Whether it is a simple Macomb county bathroom remodel, a Washtenaw county Jacuzzi install or a Wayne county renovation turning your lavatory into a tropical paradise, we have the expertise on hand to fit all of your specifications.

“Most bathroom remodels only take 7 days to complete. We are fast, efficient and provide quality craftmanship.”


We Offer Free Bathroom Designs!
Options we offer when quoting your bathroom remodel:

Ceramic Tile floors & walls – Choose a color and design to fit your ideal style.  For a bright clean look and suitable for the moisture that is present in any bathroom, ceramic tile can cover all the walls and floors and provide style and color to your bathroom motif.

Ceramic Tile tub surround – For those serenity filled bubble-baths or just that classic look…install ceramic tile around your tub.  Add color and flare to your bathing area.

Ceramic Tile custom showers to replace the tub that you don’t use anymore – Add a shower made of ceramic tile, coming in many colors and designs, to your bathroom.  Open up space in your bathroom by switching from a tub to a shower-only, or have a comfortably large shower.

All new drywall walls & ceilings – We can take down and replace all walls and ceilings in your existing bathroom-whether damaged walls or changing the dimensions of your bathroom.

Exhaust fans to remove that humidity that causes mold & mildew-We can take out, move or replace existing exhausts fans.  Exhaust fans help control moisture and smells that are typical of the bathroom environment.

Pedestal Sinks-For a more elegant and classic look, we can install intricate and ornate pedestal sinks.
One Piece vanity tops & sinks
-For that additional, get-ready space, think about a vanity.  They offer more options and function to your bathroom.

Medicine cabinets
-A staple of most bathrooms, it is the perfect way to hide some shelving space.

Custom Mirrors
-People come in different sizes, so should mirrors.  Find the right size mirror for your needs.

Shower Doors
-For added privacy and a chance to build up some steam quickly, a shower door might be the perfect solution to replace that shower curtain.

Seated Showers
-For those in need, we proudly offer seated showers.

Heated Floors
 – For that added comfort, choose the heated floor option and never have cold feet on bathroom tile again.

Finish Painting
-To give your bathroom remodel that crisp final look, finish painting is the final step towards your dream bathroom..

Home Base Home Improvement & Construction proudly offers many michigan made brands and top quality manufacturers.
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