Finished Basement Contractors Downriver & Metro Detroit, MI

As Finished Basement contractors, Home Base Home Improvement & Construction understands a finished basement provides your home with an additional living area…expanding the size and value of your home.  Basement remodeling can help your basement get more use and offer another outlet to express your style. Your new finished basement can be used for an additional living room, kid’s playroom, workshop, craft room, exercise area or any type of additional space needed by the average busy Greater Metro Detroit area resident.

Home Base Home Improvement & Construction, basement remodelers in the Detroit and tri-county areas, strive to make the basement look like the 1st floor in any home. We can install wet bars, kitchens and bathrooms in any basement.  We use traditional framed construction and will remodel your basement with efficiency.   Let, Home Base Home Improvement and Construction- finished basement installers help you design your dream basement.  Following is a list of things usually discussed before construction of your finished basement:


Framing-Design the dimensions of your newly created basement.  Create a flow perfect for your lifestyle.

Wall Insulation
-Transform your basement into a living room by adding the comfort afforded by any other room in the house.

Suspended Ceilings
-Clean up the look of your basement by adding a suspended ceiling covering the unsightly incidentals of a normal basement ceiling.

Lighting (Recessed Lights or Fluorescent Lights)
-Take away the stereo-type of dark and dingy basements by brightening them up with new lighting fixtures.  We will help you find the right lighting system for you.

Electrical plugs & switches
-Any type of enjoyable living requires some sort of electricity.  Whether you need power for the flat screen in your man-cave, outlets for glue guns for your craft room, or energy to run your kid’s game consoles, electricity is a necessary component.  A room without electrical plugs is a closet.

Flooring (Carpet, Ceramic Tile, Cut Vinyl Tile)
-Stop the cold feel of a basement floor by having flooring installed.  Choose from our wide array of options.  Enhance the comfort by starting with the floor.

Interior Doors
-Section off your basement and create multiple rooms.  Add privacy to those rooms with interior doors.  Cut down on noise and create separate living spaces out of originally one area.

-Make your basement fully functional by installing a bathroom.  Add just a toilet or install a shower too.

Wet Bars
-A suitable addition to any basement, wet bars can offer a nostalgic look with a fully functioning bar; perfect for any occasion.  Turn your basement into the ideal party area or just enjoy a drink in your newly finished basement.


Add the always needed value and precious space to your home with one simple addition.  Finished Basements allow the homeowner to carry on the motif and style they cultivated on the 1st and/or upper floors, or branch out into a new style; perhaps with a specific theme.  Part of your house but separated to some degree, a usable basement might become your special quiet place of the house or your main party room.