New Garage Contruction Downriver & Metro Detroit, MI
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 are quality builders of garages. For any type of garage construction, we are the contractors for you.  We do all phases of the job: from foundation, cement work, lumber, labor, siding & trim, to the gutters, garagedoors, garage door openers, the roof and electrical work.

Watch as we build your dream garage from the specifications you desire. From the foundation on up; we promise quality and efficiency in all of our work.  Seek us out for ease in the constructing of your garage and let us minimize the amount of contractors that you deal with.  Add space to your home while also adding value.  For replacing existing garages or building your first one, let us do all the manual labor and watch you enjoy your new garage.

Garages have become extensions of the home, whether attached to the house or not.  They are not just for cars, but provide extra storage space, cover for outdoor parties, or even a workshop.  With many parts to a garage, the building of one can become tedious and troublesome, but we can build and install all facets of the garage.  Garages can also complement the outside style and look of your house.

But with all of these other functions, protecting your car from precipitation and other bad weather and from theft and vandalism, is still the primary task of a garage.  Let us bring safety and style to your home by adding a new garage.


Garage Door Opener Installation