Kitchen Remodeling Contractors

Home Base Home Improvement & Construction knows that kitchens are always a notable feature on any house tour and for most people they are a hub of activity in the home. Remodeling can create a better flow as well as a re-imagining of the style and mood.

Most people have never had a hand in the design of the kitchen they own, and ideas about improvement are easily dreamed of, but rarely realized. Home Base Home Improvement & Construction, however, can make your dream come true by using national brand name cabinets with innovative fixtures & products, all paired with professional installation.

We offer free kitchen designs with every complete remodel. We’ll come out and work to help tailor a design that will not only inspire you, but also fit your allotted kitchen space, unlike some companies that make you provide your own measurements.

In an effort to keep the Michigan kitchen remodeling current, we offer these and other top-notch products:


Select from a wide array of cabinets. Consider the type of wood desired: birch, maple, cherry, rustic birch and others. Also factor in the door shape: arch, slab or square. Combine these two considerations and find the ideal kitchen cabinetry for you.


Kraftmaid is proud to be part of the “Buy American” program and manufactures all of its products in the states. All cabinet and drawer doors undergo a 14 step DuraKraft finishing process providing a unique and lasting finish look.


Choose from a large catalog of cabinets.  Select your wood type: alder, rustic alder, cherry, thermofoil or other.  Pick your cabinet door shape: 5 piece-drawer, slab, square, arch, cathedral or raised door.  Decide on a full or partial door overlay.

HD Laminate

Providing an expansive array of styles of countertops and options on edges like cascade, beveled or crescent, HD laminate countertops are easily cleanable with many common household cleaners to preserve the quality brand new look of your countertop.



For that unique looking countertop, choose granite.  Just like a fingerprint, no granite countertop is exactly the same.  Extremely heat and scratch resistant, granite countertops are incredibly durable.



Heat and scratch resistant, quartz countertops are non-porous for easier cleaning.  They provide a consistent and symmetrical look and have coloring options to better match your ideal for a dream kitchen.



These counter tops come with a 10-year limited warranty that covers most problems that could potentially arise. Considering the wear and tear most counter tops are subjected to, the length is pretty impressive. Offered in more than 130 different colors, providing every color of the rainbow and then some, these counter tops are a favorite for their decorating versatility.

Options we offer when quoting your kitchen remodel:

Free Designs-Sit down with one of our experts and cover all the details of your dream kitchen.
Large cabinet selection-Find the right brand and model of cabinets to accent the style of your kitchen.
Countertops-Choose the right size and type of countertop to add function to your desired kitchen and to complement your kitchen motif.
Faucets (Delta, Moen & Kohler)-Select from a wide variety of brands and makes of faucets.  Choose based on the many functions our different faucet heads offer and also keep in mind the various styles offered to better enhance your new kitchen.
Ceramic Tile backsplashes-Consider the cleaning ease of ceramic tile backsplashes while gaining a chance to add a splash of color to your current kitchen.
Wall removal to enlarge your kitchen-With many desires that can form while visualizing your dream kitchen, space can become an issue.
Construct soffit & remove soffit-Hiding an unsightly beam or other structural element or removing an inconvenient soffit could be the “cherry on top” to the realization of your ideal kitchen.
Laminate flooring-Why use Laminate flooring?  Laminate flooring provides a cost-effective alternative to the look of a hardwood floor while offering a wide variety of styles.
Ceramic Tile flooring-Why use Ceramic Tile flooring?  Ceramic Tiles are easily cleanable and are durable even in high moisture areas.
Vinyl flooring-Why use Vinyl flooring?  Vinyl flooring can be lower cost and very durable even in high traffic areas.  It can be stripped and mechanically buffed repeatedly.
Composite Tile flooring-Why use Composite Tile flooring?  Composite Tile flooring offers the same benefits as above while coming in tile form instead of sheet form.
Lighting-Choose the type of lighting and the right fixtures to light the way to your new kitchen.
Plumbing-Discuss if any plumbing work needs to be fixed or moved to envision your perfect kitchen.  Do not feel trapped in your kitchen remodel designs based on where the current plumbing resides.
Sinks-Consider color, style and size of the basin, and the material it is made out of.  Pick a sink or sinks that offer both the function and style you are searching for.
Custom trim work-Discuss the benefits of adding or working on the trim surrounding your kitchen as one of the final touches on a dream kitchen.
Custom stain work-Just like trim work, a custom stain look to your kitchen might be the last detail you need to achieve your desired look
Heated flooring-Another final detail to discuss in our effort to provide you with all the latest innovations.
Under cabinet lighting (LED)-Lighting under your cabinet allows versatility to the lighting design of your kitchen and allows you more control in illuminating your kitchen.
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Most kitchen remodels only take Home Base Home Improvement & Construction 7 days to complete. Solid surface countertops with your kitchen take 14 days. We are fast and efficient to keep your costs down all while maintaining our high quality standards.