A practical Guide to surviving your remodeling project

Before the Job Starts …

Once you have agreed to the details of your project, you will receive a copy of your signed contract. At this point the following will then take place.

If you are financing the project yourself, you will be required to put down a deposit of 5% to 40% of the total cost as set forth in your signed contract. The balance will be broken into payments as stipulated. If you need financing, we are prepared to assist you. Loan applications take several weeks to process, even though credit approval may take only a few days.

After you have signed the contract, you should expect our engineer and/or designer to visit your home and verify all the measurements, to inspect conditions and to reaffirm the work to be done.

After the drawings are complete, you will need to review them for any final changes or corrections. After you have signed the plans, any design or drawing changes may be charged as extra work.

Obtaining permits is difficult in every city. Two-story projects can be complex and may require additional time to process. Your drawing will need to be sent to your city’s building department and checked extensively. Expect one to three week’s for a building permit. Some areas have a local homeowner’s association to assist in approving any form of construction work. If you are located in these areas, allow extra time for this procedure.

A preconstruction walk-through is a crucial step for Home Base, Inc. and for you. At the Walk-through, your salesperson and your assigned supervisor will meet with you in your home. During this transition period, your salesperson “hands over” the job to the supervisor. Every item on your specification sheet, blueprints and contract will be reviewed. It is important for you, the homeowner, to express any concerns or questions you may have regarding your project. This is the best time for us to address those concerns.

A major reason for having a walk-through is to prevent any “unwritten promises”. It is not uncommon for some homeowners, before they chose Home Base, Inc. to rememember items promised to them by other remodeling contractors. Please make sure that everything you expect to get from us is in writing. It should be noticed on the specification sheet, blueprints and signed contract (all three). Any work not included in writing on your specification sheet, blue prints or signed contract will be considered extra work for which you may be charged.

If you will be living on the premises during your remodeling job, you should be prepared for the inconviences that may occur. By taking the following steps, you will help avoid most of the frustrations and conflicts that could arise:

Protect and cover furniture and carpets in the work area. We will make every effort to avoid damage to your property, but anything left in the work area may be at risk.

Remove all pictures, artwork, mirrors and drapes from the work area before work begins. Dust is an inevitable by-product of remodeling. It is far easier to take your belongings out of the area beforehand than it is to clean and dust everything later.

Be sure to remove all plants and other large objects that may block work areas and access routes.

Please secure your pets. We know that dogs and cats are curious by nature, but we do not want any accidents or confrontations.

Arrange with our superintendent to allow crews access to the work between 8:00am and 5:00pm., Monday thru Friday (and weekends by mutual consent).

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