Most homeowners have never been through a remodeling project and do not really know what to expect. Be warned, remodeling is a messy, disruptive process, and it may not seem worth the aggravation until the job is completed. However, there is hope! When you finally see just how good your “new home” looks, you will most likely forget the inconviences.

Good Communication is the key to a happy working relationship. Here, in no special order, are responses to some of the most common questions we hear.

Question #1
Will we be without water or power?
– There is no reason your utilities should be interrupted for more then a few minutes at a time.

Question #3
Your superintendent was not at my job when all the construction was being done. Is this a common practice?
– We could have a full-time superintendent on every job, though the added cost would make your job far more expensive. We employ top-of-the-line people to do your work, including our superintendents who look after more that one project at a time. Although we cannot watch every worker every moment, our employees pride themselves on doing their job responsibly and well.

Question #4
Lumber and supplies were delivered and piled on our driveway and now we cannot get into our garage. Do the supplies have to go on our driveway?
– Most, if not all, cities have ordinances that prohibit leaving any materials on the sidewalk, boulevard or curbside. Therefore we have supplies unloaded on your driveway, unless you instruct us to put them on your lawn. We will put supplies on your lawn, but piles of heavy lumber may kill the grass underneath, and we will not be responsible for any damage to your lawn, landscaping or irrigation system.

Question #5
Why not hire more workers so you can finish quicker?
– Economics dictate that we keep our crews to a size that will most efficiently do the job. Six team members could probably remodel your bathroom in half the time it would take two, but they spend a lot of time tripping over each other. If we used six teams, labor cost would triple; and we would have to pass that on to you. Instead, by careful planning, we can reduce our labor costs and pass the savings on to you. We try to schedule and balance jobs so there are no unproductive hours.

Question #6
How long will our bathroom or kitchen be out of service?
– We will give you several days advanced warning if you will be unable to use your bathroom or kitchen. You will have plenty of time to make alternative arrangements.

Question #7
What if our new aluminum siding does not match the old?
– As with aluminum siding, new colors often do not match old colors, even if the manufacturer and color coding is the same. The reason is simple. The old color has been exposed to sunlight and heat for several years and has oxidized or weathered, and therefore changed in color or shade. The new siding, however, will probably “catch up” and match the existing siding after a period of time.

Question #8
Your work failed to pass an inspection. Is this because of poor workmanship?
– Rarely. Inspectors often use their own discretion in interepting codes. One inspector may pass a certain phase of work, only to have another cite it at a later date. In any event, we do not question the inspectors, we simply comply as requested.

Question #9
Will you have to use our lawn for storage?
We need an accessible area for the storage of raw materials and debris. If a driveway is unavailable, we are forced to use the lawn. Concentrated traffic by our crews may also contribute to wear and tear on your lawn. We will do our best to minimize any damage, but you may need to budget for lawn refurbishing once the project is completed.

Just like the homeowner, contractors have concerns as well.
A contract binds the homeowner, and contractor together. Though remodeling can be trying, cooperation from everyone is of the upmost importance. Here are some concerns that make a contractor’s job more difficult. If we can avoid these situations, your job is sure to go much smoother.

Our personnel and subcontractors are instructed to treat all customers with respect; to do otherwise is cause for dismissal. We ask that you treat our workers with the same respect.

Unexpected Delays.
– Sometimes there are delays beyond our control. Occasionally, we will be held up by lenders, permit agencies, suppliers or any one of the hundred causes. These are complicated jobs. Your demands to speed up the work to make up for these events are often impossible to satisfy. Occasionally we will underestimate a completion date and need your cooperation to reschedule. Remember, completition dates are a target rather than a promise.

If you want something included at no cost.
– Every item on your contract has a cost attached to it. The cost of the items included, among other things, is the basis for arriving at the contract price. If you want something added or altered, there will be an additional charge.

Late payments.
– Make your progress payments promptly. Our ability to provide material and labor for your job depends on it.

Outside Interference.
– We are obligated, under the terms and conditions of the contract, to do the job for our customers only. We will not tolerate interfence by outsiders and not required to account to anyone except those who signed the contract.

Dealing direct with our workers and trades.
– Occasionally customers make deals with our workers and tradespeople to do extra work on the side. Our workers are prohibited from accepting these offers. They will be dismissed if they do. In addition, unforeseen problems may arise for you. If you contract individual workers, you will be treated as a general contractor under the law and will be legally responsible for all the associated obligations imposed on a general contractor.

At Home Base, Inc. Your Satisfaction with our work is of the utmost importance. Sometimes concerns arise during the remodeling process, and need to be addressed. Listed below are some simple guidelines for satisfaction in a dispute.

If you feel you have a valid claim for a deficiency, how should you go about getting it corrected? Begin by discussing the problems with your superintendent. this will initate immediate corrective action. If this does not prove satisfactory, contact our general manager who will give your matter immediate attention.

Do you believe that something in the contract was not delivered? Check your contract and the plans to see if what you expected was actually included in writing , on the plans or in the contract, you were not charged for the item.

Home Base, Inc. has over 30 years experience in construction & remodeling and we have thousands of satisfied customers. You expect us to do a fine job. We plan to supply you with a worry-free course of construction that includes that highest quality workmanship, the best materials and on-time completion. Again, thank you for choosing Home Base, Inc. We are proud of our reputation and confident that you will be pleased with your remodeling experience.